Ball Cup 2017


The Date of the Ball Cup Regatta (South) is Sunday 7th May 2017. The Entries will open on Thursday 6th April 2017 at 9am and close on Wednesday 26th April at 1pm.

Entry acceptance criteria Ball Cup 2017

In order to keep the number of races in the Ball Cup to a manageable number the following rules will  to be applied:

  1. The number of races will be kept to approximately 100.
  2. All clubs and crews must be registered with British Rowing. This is an affliated event.
  3. The maximum number of crews within an event will be 12 (2 heats of 6 crews).
  4. The first 12 host clubs and schools will be have their ‘A’ crew accepted (This is the crew with the crew letter 'A' assigned in BROE2). If only one crew is entered then this is a “A” crew
  5. If only 7 or 8 crews enter an event, then only 6 crews will be accepted. This does not apply to the traditional “Ball Cup Events”.
  6. If there are spaces available then other crews from a club or school may be accepted. The crews accepted under this rule will be determined by the organising committee.
  7. A list of crews not accepted will be maintained and if a space becomes available, then another crew will be offered the space.
  8. The committee reserves the right to have more than 2 heats in an event.
  9. The committee has the right to determine medals from the heat times and not run a final.
  10. All winners will have their racing licence cards stamped as JA winners. J16,J17,J18 will also have a senior point as per the British Rowing Rules of Racing.
  11. The decision of the organising committee is final.
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